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Remote Bookkeeping Service

Is this true for your business??

Have you been busy working away in your business concentrating on turning leads into sales into invoices and find that your book work comes to a screaming halt at BAS/Tax time because you have to send your accounting file off to the book keeper or accountant??

Do you have a week of downtime waiting for them to do the necessary entries before they send your file back??

Is your data file so large now that when zipped up you can't email it??

Is your book keeper or accountant so busy they can't always get to your office in a timely manner??

Want to be away from the office and still follow the bookwork??

If you answered YES to the above and would like to remove the aggrevation, then read on. We believe we have the solution to help you.

The Solution

We have built a service that allows you to have remote 24x7 access to your accounting data. Your book keeper or accountant will have remote 24x7 access. This means no more zipping and emailing the data files. No more downtime.

The service is built on a Windows component known as Remote Desktop Connection.

Remote Desktop Connection is effectively a remote control software with 1 very important bonus. It allows many people to logon to the same computer at the same time and keep each person's data secured from another.

Your data is in a secure folder on a server with a great BIG Internet connection attached to it. The server is in a professional secure facility which helps to significantly reduce data loss due to flood, fire or theft. Your data file is backed up automatically each evening.

The freedom this service offers you is only limited by your imagination or Internet connection. You can be sitting at home away from the busy interruptions of the office. Perhaps on the boat sailing around on the harbour or at the beach because the weather is too good to pass up on. Maybe you've headed overseas on that much anticipated holiday. From any of these locations you will be able to keep an eye on the book work so you know how your business is performing.


Will work from virtually any Internet connected Windows or Apple computer.
Will work with iPhone and iPad with the correct iTunes supplied app.
Have the relevant license for the version of accounting software that you want to use.
A reliable Internet connection.


A 1 time setup fee of $50 for each set of logon credentials.
A monthly fee of $35.95 for each set of logon credentials.

How to get it

Call or email us for further details or a free demo.

If you are ready to proceed, click this link and fill out the form. We typically will have you setup within 24 hours.